Hi guys,

I am Evan

This is Evan Purnama's site.
My Fav movie trailer video!

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My Fav Quote :

"Innovation without execution is hallutination."
— @someone

"Screw it, let's do it!"
— @Richard Branson

"Move Fast, Break things."
— @Facebook

Interested in :

Computer IT, Web, Network

Electronic Chip design, Signal Processing

Social Media, Marketing, Economic, Business and Entrepreneur

History, Politic, and Religion

Ruby on Rails

My Schools

These are lists of my Schools:

 Primary School ="Bantul Timur" in ="Bantul"  
 Secondary School ="SMP 1 Bantul" in ="Bantul"  
 High School ="SMA 1 Yogyakarta" in ="Jogja"  
 University ="Nanyang Tech Univ" in ="Nanyang, Singapore"  

My Experiences :

Experiences :

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
     $(".Student Union").Web Designer(url:(SU) 
     $(".Film Society").Web Master(url:(Filmsoc) 
     $(".PINTU").Web Programmer(url:(PINTU) 
     $(".Nat Science Olympiad").Astronomy(medals:(Gold) {

Browser support

All major browser platforms supported now:

Safari Chrome Firefox
Opera IE

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my data = {
	// these are main activity
	// studying, in :
	College: Nanyang Tech Univ, Singapore,
	// My major,
	// "I am taking : "
	School: "EEE (Electrical n Electronic Engineering spec in Infocomm)",
	// My ECA clubs
	: Student Union, Astronomy Club, Film Society, Muslim Society, PINTU
	// Score,


Some ideas

  • Replace Google (search engine)
  • Replace email
  • Replace current mass media
  • Replace universities